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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scratch Cards for Free

This is it! The big day has arrived. After nine months of development and another two months of rigorous translation to English, my Scratch Cards are yours for free.
This project, that started as a graduation project in the Department for Instructional Systems Technologies at Holon Institute of Technology, Holon Israel, has been presented in August at the Scratch@MIT conference in MIT, Boston.
Based on the feedback from the visitors at the conference, I've decided to distribute these cards free of charge to the benefit of Scratch users, adults and children alike.
These cards are self paced Scratch course that covers everything from basic orientation to the software interface up to advanced programming concepts such as variables, counters, arrays and Math operators.
You can either go from one card to the other, use them as reference for specific needs, or as stand alone assignment for your class or yourself to learn.

So far these cards has been released in Hebrew and English, future planned versions are Spanish, Swedish and Danish, if you wish to help translate these cards to your own language, let me know and I will send you a Word file with all the explanation, headings and other text objects, after translation, send back the Word file and I will compose a new version free of charge.

Final words 
The cards were saved @ 300 DPI PDF file which weight about nine Mb.
You can download the cards from a web storage service:
English Version
Hebrew Version
A lot of effort has been put into these cards. This include college tuition, Graphic Designer, and about 500 hours of development and about 50-80 for each translated version.
My only request is, if you download a copy, and feel these cards have helped master one of the most innovative and exciting applications around, donate a small amount of money to help support me and future development of both other versions and more cards.The donation is made through the PayPal service and is completely safe to use.
Please donate:
5$ for personal use
8$ for educational use
Thanks in Advance,
Looking forward to your comments and suggestions,
Amitai Gat